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I have just bought my first chartplotter and am now looking at getting c-map for this unit.Theres seems to be a few options available.Any info on which is the most useful for inshore fishing would be a great help.

What is your chartplotter and where are you planning on using it?
Will you be using your boat anywhere else or just locally to your home port?

I believe it is a discontinued plotter from last year or the year before.
Nothing wrong with it as a plotter, just it has been superseded.

C-Map cards cover different locations and different stretches of water. They have local or wide coverage and the price adjusts accordingly.
You will need a different card if you decided to go outside your coverage area.

Your plotter takes C-Map NT+ cards
The one for that stretch of coastline in "Local" mode is:

Hope that helps

PS: Here's some info on your plotter.

Navman Tracker 5110 Series Chartplotters

Related products
C-Map NT+ Chart Cartridges
C-Map PC Planner
This affordable greyscale chartplotter from Navman quickly delivers all the information you need. The compact design features the same stylish housing of all Navman products, and as always, ease-of-use is standard.

The product is available with an integrated GPS antenna (TRACKER 5110i) or with the external GPS antenna (TRACKER 5110). Both units offer the same functionality:

Brilliant white backlight and backlit keys.
Built in 16MB world map provides enhanced coastal detail when C-MAP card not present.
New user interface includes compass and configurable data display
Compact 5" [127mm] diagonal screen with 4 level greyscale
Crisp 1/4 VGA resolution (320 x 240 pixels)
C-Map™ NT & C-MAP™ NT+ Worldwide cartography with Tide and Port Services data
WAAS / EGNOS enabled GPS solution
Portrait screen format with ergonomic key layout ideal for installation into small dash areas, or bulkhead mount with kit supplied as standard
Variable amber backlighting with laser etched backlit keys
Digital Petrol Computer Option - requires optional fuel ki
Latest SiRFstarII GPS chipset for fast processing and redraw of chart
Time To First Fix is faster
500 Alpha Numeric waypoints
25 Routes with up to 50 waypoints each route
Dedicated Waypoint 'Hotkey' and Man Over Board Key
Dual speed cursor for fast panning and interrogation of map features
5 Tracklogs: 1 with 2000 points, 4 with 500 points
Rugged waterproof housing rated IP67

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Hi Ned

I have and use the same plotter. I have a couple of reports on this unit on my web site, see signature for link.

Use the NT+ cards not the NT Max as they only work on the later models.

Be interested what boat you have as I use to fish the East coast and there are not many locations for launching without a tractor. :g:

Use to fish from Felixstowe and launch at Felixstowe ferry or Levinton Marina.


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