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Can you help "Help for Heroes"

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Yesterday I posted full details of the charity match in support of "Help for Heroes" in our "Meets and Matches etc" sub-forum. All the information is contained in the "stickied" thread "Help for Heroes comes to the East Coast", probably on about page 3!!

Skegness Pier Angling Club (SPAC), of which I am a member, is proud to be organising this event on Sunday 27th December 2009. It's a six hour Big Fish Rover Match which can be fished anywhere on the Lincolnshire coast between Mablethorpe and Gibraltar Point. Hopefully the cod will have arrived in numbers by then and in this type of match anyone fishing it has a great opportunity of getting into the prizes. In other words the odds are not being stacked against the ordinary pleasure fisherman. Luck will play a much greater part!! However for the matchman this match will be included in the Penn Points League. Therefore its a great chance for them to move up a slot or two!!

I have been charged specifically by SPAC's committee with the task of getting a prize table together. So far we have been promised prizes from the fishing tackle trade (including the WSF shop!!!!) and quite a few from non-fishy places too, including a well known holiday camp near Skeggy!!
If anyone who comes on this site would like make a contribution, that would be fabulous. If you are able to make a gift for the prize table or put us in touch with someone you think might would like to helpthat would be brilliant! If you can fish the match yourself that would be great. (I do have sponsorship forms and can explain a simple and very effective way of raising extra funds for H4H.) If you can't fish the match you may well wish to make a donation. Please, please help in the best way you are able to by sending me a pm with your email address. I will, in return send you a copy of our Press Release and our contact details.

For me this event is very much about what I can give to H4H. It is truly
something of which I am proud to be associated with and feel very humbled.
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The post with the Meet details is HERE

and the thread is HERE
Thanks for the links Wooky. The ball is starting to roll now and I'm really hoping this will be successful!
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