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Hello members, now as you know im a huge fan of the beautifull flatfish family, and this summer the small hooks, the sequins, blades, pop up beads ,spoons you name it. The "the bling" will be out in force . So this summer my aim is to catch the 5 main flatfish species in our waters. Flounder, dab, plaice, sole and turbot.

FLOUNDER. (platichthys flesus)
This is without doubt my favourate fish. Absolutely stunning, flounders like bling and movement. Flounder like muddy/ sand mix grounds...and are a dark brown in colour.
My pb flounder is 2lb 6oz...
Shore record is 5lb 7oz. My aim is to match or better it this year!

DAB. (Limanda limanda)
The little dab is a sandy brown flattie, which i find unlike the other species tends to prefer the more "gone off" sticky types of worm baits. With black lug being a favourate. You can tell a dab due to the lateral line bending around the pb for a dab is 1lb 2oz. My aim is to match or better it!
British shore record is 2lb 9oz 8dr.

Plaice (pleuronectes platessa)
For me the most popular of the flatfish family. And is easily reccognisable due to there bright red spots, like the flounder i find that plaice also like bling and movement. Plaice have small mouths so size 2 hooks are ideal.
My pb plaice is 1lb 8oz.
As above my aim is to beat it.
British shore record is 8lb 6oz 14dr.

Sole (solea solea) .
The sole is more related to the dab than the other flatfish species. Unlike the other flatfish i find the sole to be more nocturnal and to like coloured water.. i also find soles not to like bling as they have poor eyesight and realy more on scent. This is the 1 ive struggled with and my pb is only 1lb 1oz.
Shore record is 2lb 7oz 11dr.

TURBOT(scophthalmus maximus)
The biggest of the flatfish mentioned. I find these fish a rare catch from the shore . Of any good size. They prefer fish baits i find. Due to there big mouths... my pb turbot 3lb 8oz..
British shore record. 28lb 8oz.

So firstly i want to catch all five flatfish species and secondly try to match or better my pb,s!! Roll on the summer flatfish season . I can not wait!!!
Tight lines all.

nice post wrighty
my fav flatty is the sole
nice fight on light gear and taste is only second to lemon sole and more humble dabs
good luck and great fishing to us all this year
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