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Caradon district anglers!!!

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Hi all,

I live in liskeard and have been fishing for about a year or so now with somewhat limited success and i was hoping that if anyone in the caradon district fancy's meeting up to help me drown some worms at some point? I live in helston during the week, but most weekends am back up in liskeard and im also off work for most of september.

So the long and short is if anyone fancies fishing with me at some point (and hopefully teaching me a bit too) then post on here :)

thanks in advance

look forward to hearing from you

luke hooper
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where abouts in devon are you? im sure i can make a drive up at some point :clap2:
Hi manick, unfortunatly im not up this weekend :(

but from the weekend after im around for about 3 weeks so it would be great to meet up and throw some lines in :) what are your usual areas you fish?
sounds like a plan tyrone, im not at work hardly at all in september so hopefully your will be free then? weekdays any good for you or weekends?
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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