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I got the 8 led 1 from argos for £10, similar to above, either have 2,4,8 leds on, well good for a tenner, if thinking of buying 1 though make sure you take a look at it before going home as they are substituting with some crappy 2 led energizer headlamp if they aint got the original in stock, only managed to get the 1 i wanted at the 3rd argos store i tried (Bridgend).

Here's a link for anybody thats thinking of getting 1 but make sure you buy in store and check its the 1 in the pic, although the description says a substitue energizer headlamp of higher spec maybe issued instead, well it aint higher spec and its crap, only get the challenge 1 with 8 led thats in the pic here
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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