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Right then... one down, one to go! As I mentioned in another post I took up sea angling a couple years ago and regardless of the decent (not serious) number of hours and god knows how many hundreds of pounds Ive put into I just havn't been getting the rewards. I can count on two hands the number of decent fish i've caught (and approaching a good year since the last one!)... In all honestly I just cant be a*sed with it anymore but I don't like giving up on things easily and without giving it a proper chance so Ive given myself two sessions this weekend to try and re-discover by motivation for sea fishing. (I doubt I will pack it in all together but I can't see it being anything more than every now and again unless something dramatic happens).

One of them was at Redwick this eve and did nothing to restore my confidence. Soooooooooo, can anyone give me an idea of where to go tomorrow (within 40 mins of Newport) for my best chance of a decent fish?
The further west you can go the better really mate. Even if its only down to the headlands off barry, you will still be in with a chance of hooking into something decent.

The only thing your likely to get half decent up our neck of the woods at the moment is dongers and maybe a thornie if your lucky:eek:hmy:

But head down barry way and you got a btter chance. Head further west again(stout area) and yougot a chance of a decent blonde on these bigger tides:victory:
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