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After the 5th cancellation of the trip due to the forecast high winds for Monday 19th March, it has now been rescheduled yet again:boat: . Instead of 2 boats one day we will now have 2 separate trips both on the Carrick Lee. Hopefully this will make it easier for everyone to get on one of the trips. The dates are Friday 13th April and Sunday 15th April. I will be on both trips, the friday one as a paying customer and the sunday one as crew, assisting where necessary. Would all those who have booked on the previous trips and not been refunded please let me know what day they would prefer. We should have a spare place or two for anyone else that is interested once everyone has confirmed their dates. Newby01 and Smutthunter please take note.
In order to be fair, if we should end up with too many for either trip then the guys that have been booked on every trip will get priority. I know some of you are fishing with friends so please liase with each other before replying.
I would be grateful if once you have confirmed the day you want to come, you could pay the balance outstanding if you have any more to pay. PM me for details.
Should we end up with more than 16 in total the excess money will be donated to the RNLI.
If you have paid the full amount of £43.75 but not been marked below as paid please let me know

Friday confirmed
Cascars (Paid in full)
Graham T
Pedro the Fisherman
Dingbat (Paid in full)
Johnno24 (Paid in full)
Niall (Paid in full)
Scrottocks (Paid in full)
MickP_Dorking (Paid in full)
This trip is now full

Sunday confirmed
Groomyd (Paid in full)
Alankirby (Paid in full)
Sealife (Paid in full)
SkipperD (Paid in full)
Rickangus (Paid in full)
Thedeesbees (Paid in full)
JonC (Paid in full)
Jamie Donnelly
This trip is now full

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Terry - Friday would be best for me - can you confirm this is OK so that I can book the day off?
If you PM me your bank details I will transfer the money.
Friday is OK, will add you to the list now. Will send PM too

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Could you put me down for Friday, 13th please. Pedro did text me last week (I was away out of the country) that today was cancelled. Just seen the post and able to check calendar.

Have replied under previous post as well. Will we get sixth time lucky? :g:


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Got you down for Friday now Scrottocks.

Could all of those with any money outstanding to pay, please let me have it asap. The money situation has got very confusing at times with some having paid a deposit, some paid in full and some part paid. It will be easier if I have it all so I know where I stand. Many thanks

If there is anyone not on the trip that has not been refunded yet please PM me. I am sure I have refunded everyone that I needed to but just want to be sure!

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I'm pretty sure that I paid yo the original amount but have not paid anything since. Asuming thats right what do I owe you? Is is £12.50?


Yes. The original trip was £31.25 so the balance will be £12.50. Cheers :)

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I spoke to Jim Whippy this morning and he will be on at least one of the trips to do a feature more about WSF than the boat but will obviously show how we have stuck it through 5 cancelled trips.
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