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Catch report - 11/09 - portsmouth

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Fished the Harbour

Big spring tides, Expectations high of Bass Bass and more Bass

Struggled to get any pout to start off which set the scene for the rest of the evening

Fished with MDTiger and family

Each had 2 rods, various setup, I had live pout on one, There other was a running ledger with size 6 hook - Still needed some pout + the chance of sole

Live pout rod were very very quiet, MDTiger missed 2 takes as he struck far too early on them, but it was third time lucky however the Bass was only just bigger then the livebait lol

MDTiger finished the evening with 2 eels, which were returned unharmed

I had a couple of pout and my first two sole, another first for the year!!

Then had a Bass on the worm but wasn't big enough so went, Finally had a hit on the pout and ended up with a Bass which was kept as it taken the pout too far down and was in a bad way when it was landed. Last drop of the evening on the live pout rod resulted in another take however it managed to drop the hook on the way up

The highlight of the evening was young Alex catching and releasing a 4.5lb lobster, Lovely lobbo and well done to Alex to decide to let the lobbo go!!

Also i was a very good boy, I kept the Sole alive in the bucket using the airerator for the pout and once weighed they were released unharmed for another day

Not a bad evening but expectations were slightly higher considering the size of the tide and us expecting the Bass to take advantage of the size of it and go on a feeding frenzy


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Some nice fish there mate - I don't think the bigger of the sole would have been so lucky if I'd caught it!! Strange isn't it how their colouration can be so different although caught from the same beach.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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