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My mother and I fished the Amble Open today. After a trip out last weekend to Bog Hall I decided I was going to give it a shot today. My mum decided to fish the beach just up from the Lyne Burn.

We had bought our tickets previously and so got down to Lynemouth early to make sure we could get the spots we wanted to fish. My mum had no probs as she was on the beach. I couldn't even see the rocks at Bog Hall. I still gathered my gear and headed down to the beach.

I wasted time taking pictures and skimming stones. At about ten to twelve I decided to attempt wading out to the rocks that were showing nicely now. Using my rod as a depth gauge I walked out. Once I got past my hips I found that I had a leak! Somewhere around my groin area (typical) so I headed back.

I attempted the crossing again fifteen minutes later and managed the crossing (without leaks somehow?) up to my chest in water. Pretty scary considering the usually clear water was terribly murky and I had to tread very carefully.

I set up at the NE corner of Bog Hall as I had the week previously. While I was tackling up another guy came on and started to set up also.
I had plenty of bait with me. Fresh Crab (which I had to gather from several tackle shops) rag, fresh mackerel and some lovely big fat juicy lug (From Sports and Leisure in Blyth)

After my previous trip I had opted to use some 100lb leader as my regular 50lb stuff got a good sanding last trip. I was also using home-made sinkers (
as the ground here is very kelpy and very rough.
I had also purchased some decent hooks (Mustad Vikings size 3/0)

The weather was pleasant and the wind was far gentler than it had been last trip out. There was a nice little roll on and I was hopeful of a fish or two.

At 12.30 I cast out. By 1.30 I had not had a single bite but I had lost one set of gear. I was trying all types of bait combinations and trying casting at all distances. Nothing. I tried moving further around the topmost point of Boghall as the tide dropped.

At around half two I had decided to move again and was surprised (and pleased) to find a small coalie of about 9in had hooked itself just to save me from a blank :clap3:

I moved around to the flat rocks to the east of Bog Hall and for the last hour made good use of my Gemini spiders and blasted several baits to the horizon, hoping for a few flatties.

Fat chance.

I gave up at 4.10 after having precisely zero bites all day. My mum had the same experience. No bites at all.

A guy she had talked to reckoned that there had been a big sea at some point this week, which does explain the murkiness of the water. Nevermind.... a day out fishing all the same. More importantly...not a blank!:notworthy
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