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People: Just me

Duration: 9-15am to 4pm

Tide: Low 1-15pm

Weather: Sunny/F2/ less

Bait: Frozen Mack, Squid

Results: * Doggies, 1 Dab, 1 Flounder

Nothing to hectic today, no drama's but no big fish neither :D
Just could not resist heading out today, forecast was good, so what the hell!!
Only had intentions of trying for an odd Seatrout and the possibility of an early Ray, launched just after 9am.
It was real lightweight fishing today, only used 1oz weights all day on the spinning rod and the solid c, made up a couple of 2 hook paternosters with 18'' hooklengths on size 4 hooks, using mackeral strip and strips of squid, the squid looked great in the water, had 2 good rattles which i'm sure were seatrout, but didn't connect, damn hard thinks to get a hold of!
Had about 8 doggies, a flounder and a nice dab, no sign of any Rays yet, tried squid and frozen mack for those, just kept getting dogs.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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