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Went down to the landfill area as kindly described by captain chaos. Arrived at low tide to see the terrain. The burn that runs out at Invergowrie has cut a 2 foot deep path into the mud, apart from that not much else was visible. Started casting out into the submerged river path and immediately felt very light bites. Nothing certain so I let it go for a few minutes more and then brought in a flattie. as the tide rose I caught another 6! I had a problem though, the fish bites were hardly recognisable at all and nearly everytime I brought a fish in it had swallowed the hook to the point that the fine nosed pliers were useless to unhook the boor mites. I even changed hook size up to 1/0 in the hope that this would solve the problem but it didn't! Any suggestions would be welcome on this. I ended up keeping 4 fish as they would otherwise die, biggest catch was about 10" long.

After 4 hours all went quiet, so I packed up and went down to Boughty Ferry castle and with 1 rod baitfished I stuck on an abu krill lure went spinning off the rocks... I couldn't stop catchin coalies, nearly every cast I sent out I was pulling in wee coalies up to about 11" long. I was after sea trout but none of them turned up. I lost count after about 20 or so. Put them all back mind but what brilliant fun and what a change from my recent results!!! Meantime, no action at all on the baitfished rod!

Venue 1: Dundee Airport (reclaimed land)
Catch: 7 flatties
Weather: Broken Cloud, Easterly sea breeze, Dry
Fished: 1st 4 hours of rising tide.
Bait: 1 week old herring

Venue 2: Rocks off Broughty Ferry Castle
Catch: More small coalies than you can shake a stick at
Weather: Beautiful sunset!!
Fished Last of Flood and first hour of ebb.
Bait: 1 week old herring + krill lure.

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nice one mate,
sounds like you had fun anyway wthout the sea trout! was out myself on the other side of the tay beside the old lighthouse in tayport and had 5 smallish flatties to bait and nothing on a spinner! had the same problem with the flatties swallowin the hooks though! first time i've fished there and thoroughly enjoyed it! might get over that side and have a go soon myself! :)
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