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Date: 19/20 October 2012
Venue Fished: NN Shingle
Start Time: 20:30 Friday
Finish Time: 06:00 Saturday
Species: Bass, Dabs
Fish Caught: 2 Bass, 6 Dabs
Best Fish: Bass 35cm & 35cm
Bait: Fresh Lug
Sea State: Flat, Calm
Weather Conditions: Persistent Drizzle, gentle breeze onshore [no weed]
Sizeable: None [All returned in good condition]
Undersize: All fish were undersize
Tide State: See report

Your Report

Fished last hour or so up to high - and all the way down - Tide rising again as I left ...

Fished Dusk to Dawn [almost] ... There was a really persistent drizzle for most of the night with the breeze in your face to start, during the night there was plenty of activity, I missed lots of little bites [dabs I think] and One good fish [Nice Bass I think - felt heavier and fought well] lost in the surf [dropped the hook] ... picked up an odd crab but not many about ...

Some guy [Seemed local] turned up with a really beautiful woman around 10:30 - I thought they were going to strip off and go for a swim - lmao - Well I was rather hoping she would anyway ... [Alas she just had a paddle in the surf [I said a Paddle
] - Stunning looker] ...

There were a couple of other anglers there till about 02:00 hrs - Then I was left all alone for the rest of the night [Do you reckon they knew I am Smelly]?

First Bass caught at 23:00 - great take - good sport although undersized - I was confident that more were around but didn't get any until 03:00 2nd Bass similar size and lovely condition ... All the dabs came around low water ...

All of the fish were returned ...

I can only add that "I really enjoyed being out there" - even though fishing conditions were far from favourable - [Sea was very tame, flat and uninteresting]. The weather was a disappointment - I was soaking wet for most of the night [But at least It saved me showering when I got Home - He He
] ...

As I left I noted 3 piles of anglers rubbish left [half buried in the shingle] at the high water mark ... [I used my take home - fish bag at last] ... Grotty buggers ...

I wont be Fishing for a couple of weeks - Camping and Birding on the agenda - I will try to do some reccy's around the Norfolk and Suffolk beaches while I am Twitching ...

If you don't see me around for a while - Don't worry - I will be thinking of you all "thrashing the surf for that elusive BIG Whiting" ...

Cheers ...
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