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Me Porky and my boy Jack went on our weekly fish yesterday, tides not great but better to fish not great tides than not fish at all.:fishing1:
We fished 2 hrs either side of high tide, couldn't fish the low tide because work to do in morning.:hammer:
Anyway back to the report it started well I remembered to add hour on the tide time and Jack remembered his rod to.:roll1: Fishing started pretty slow with only Jack having the odd bite but he wasn't going to catch because he was to busy sat by Porky sharing a giant bag of them sour fizzy cola bottle sweets.:icecream: Pretty much nothing occurring right up to high tide then things started picking up, I had an eal first, then porky had nice codling about 2 1/2lb. Then I had nice codling about 4lb.:yeah: Think I must have found the spot, every cast big bites I ended up with 4 codling 3 well insize, just kept the big one though. Also caught 2 eals. Porky ended up with 2 insize codling and an eal. Jack blanked but still enjoyed having the crack with porky and eating all them sweets. Fishing definately picking up at last, bring on next weekend.:fishing::fishing::fishing::fishing:
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