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spur of moment trip to the stone pier.went down late pm with a box of mankie squid and 2 old mackerel that have been in the bottom freezer,date unknown.
there were a few people fishing but not alot of was happening,the prevailing sse wind most probably had alot to do with mate keiran caught a mackerel and a chap next to him a garfish and that was all that was caught until dark.

as soon as it was dark then we had 2 hrs of pout fest ,and the odd sizeable pollack.we both put out baits for conger ,keiran put on half a mackerel and me a action on both allthough the pout was being savaged by crabs almost immediatly yet the mackerel was untouched!

things went dead for a little while,then the condor ferry came in and i ended up touch ledgering (barbel style)and caught quite afew doggies. in the wash of the ferry which was good fun.

in the end i think we did ok for a scratch session.this was also my last session for a while until i have surgery on my i think the pier will be essential for my rehab afterwards.
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