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Been having a bit of a slack period of late and the old mojo has been a bit flat.
Had planned on fishing the LW this morning but in the end a few more hours I bed seamed a better idea.

Having prepared some baits I decided to give the HW a go at the Knap.
Wind was Easterly but the sea was flat with only a small swell. Once on the pebbles it was quite pleasant out off the breeze.
LW at 08:30 and first baits in the water at 07:15. Sandeel on one rod Large Bluey bait on the other. Both 4/0 pennels on long pulley's

Just before 8am the bluey did the trick with a sharp pull down and slack liner.
Lifting into it the fish kited to my left and stayed deep. A few pumps and steady pressure brought it up in the water and into the shore.
Not a big fish but at 8lb 4oz it was a nice start to the day ...


I fished on till 10am but with the exception of half a doz woofs that was it....

Mojo restored........

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Well done job.
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Lovely blonde Keith, I hope there鈥檚 a few bigger ones about Sunday. Bluey seems to do well with the blondes.

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Well done mate nice to see a couple of fish coming off the pebs. Fished one of your old marks yesterday - sandspit. I didn.t have a bite but 15 anglers on there and about 5/6 blondes came out !
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