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Century FMJ down Under

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Here is a video of one of the ASF members ( Luke Day ) who along with a few of the others down here have satrted using the FMJ for our light beach fishing requirements .

Lukes rod has been custom built by himself and it is a top class beit of kit. I have also gotten myself a fully built up one and over the last few sessions have been using it matched with the Diawa Exceller 4500 DA. This outfit running 10 pound ULtima distance line and 40 pound tapered leaders is proving to be a top performer when matched with 3 oz lures or grip lead and clipped down rigs.

Really looking forward to getting into a few fish with it as the season warms up and will post up some results as and when I get them.

I am really interested in what you guys are also using as light outfits for Bass and Mackerel etc.
Looking forward to getting my hands on Zziplex Profile lite in the near future as well to see how they perform. A number of the ladies and guys targeting the smaller fish in the calmer waters are wanting something lighter than what we normally see on the beaches.

All feedback greatly appreciated :D
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Hi Jeremy,

All of my clean beach fishing is now done with either Tip Tornado LD, or Zziplex Bass, both rods light enough to hold all day, and both will put 4oz out of sight, and both have great bite detection.

Just my take on things, no doubt others will have their own thoughts.


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