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century tip tornado LD

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anybody on here got or used one of these jus wondering how they perform for fishing
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I have two TTLD's and love then for overall fishing , as the other guys have stated they are excellent with a wide range of leads and can be made up to suit both Multi or fixed spool if you get a blank. I have used mine on the filed and hit 210 meters with the 100 gram and a friend has hit 220 with the 125 gram.

As mentioned the power in the rod is deceptive when you look at the slim dimensions but has no problem with a 150 gram lead and a good sized bait yet can still be used with a 84 gram ( 3 oz) and register bites beautifully. Doesn't need a fast hit just a slow smooth cast sends the rigs out with ease.

Here is a video clip of the LD on the field.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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