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century tip tornado LD

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anybody on here got or used one of these jus wondering how they perform for fishing
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Best fishing rod I've ever owned, love it to bits. Very thin blank but bags of power, sits well in the tide and wind, doesn't fold or flop around and good bite detection.

Rated to 150g but I've pendulumed 175 plus bait into a big sea no worries. Will put a bait a long long way if you want it to and a pleaseure to use over clean beaches to mixed ground. Had a play with mine on the field and 200 yards is well within its reach, Kieth from Jersey Casting reckons 250 plus is possible and I believe him.

Only place I wouldn't use mine is into the rough stuff / kelp beds, but then that is why you have a WR300 / Komp SS as that is what they were designed for.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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