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chapel today 23/10/12

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as today was forecast to be the best day of the week I ventured out.......
arrived at the point about 9.15 am, could hear the sea, but couldn`t see it ! had a walk to the waters edge and could only see to the 2nd breaker, yes,the fog was that bad :blink:
returned to the car for the gear, set up and fishing 2 rods by about 10 am, the surf was up, was hoping some of the norfolk bass would come our way for a play....... wasn`t to be :(

a bit of weed until about an hour or so to high, not too bad by any standard....... with the north east and north winds, wind with tide was always going to chop up the sea :g:

another guy came and went, he had a small whiting, which tbh I thought it was a bit too rough for ( optimistically hoping for a bass or the "illusive" cod........... missed a couple of little taps, bite detection was pretty difficult...... when you could actually see the rod tips !

about half an hour to high, a blank beater and my 1st of the year....... a rockling...

fished til about an hour after high, then called it a day

a somewhat damp, cool and foggy day on the beach, but that`s fishing :yeah:

regards Darren
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hi darren was hoping for a good report might be going thurs or fri but with wind northerly will prob give it a miss.
Am hoping to meet up with you guys sometime in future. tight lines.
Unlucky mate.

Least i know what a slug is now.

Might get a few hours tomorrow..fingers crossed.
Well at least you gave it a go bud, and you didn't blank either. Em sounds like the weather isn't going to be to clever this week then because later in the week it changes to a north wind so may have to fish next week myself. Thanks for the report Daz, good read as ever.
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