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charity fish in mumbles

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hi all.i have hired mumbles pier 2 july for an all nite fish - in ,from 8pm to 8,30 am.this is to raise some money towards a therepy room for Caerphilly Childrens Centre,for children with special places,拢10 ea ,all prodeeds to the centre.leave msg or phone me to register.07957210339 ta
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I have fished several competitions on the pier at night and have always used my Lamp at the end as it is Concrete there not wood as is the higher section. The lights are usually left on on the main pier and afford some light though a headlight is really essential. there is no light at the end on the lower concrete fishing section.
See you Saturday... Never met anyone from the Forum before.

Im the ugly one with no hair and a goatee...
U be right I'm sure, how hair can you spare?????/

Have u fished any of Brandon's comps in the past??
I suppose the Phil could stand for Phillipa but by your "Best Catch"description I naturally assumed that you were Male.
Ere in doors would say that I'm happily married as well though the bags under my eyes with two daughters under three and half don't support that. My missus is georgous though.
Brand does a good job with the organising though the weather is always awful as they are usually in Feb.
I don't think Brand has mentioned this on the forum but he usually sends out sponsor formd to raise additional money for the Childrens centre. He's probably too modest to ask but if you can raise any additional money for the fish-in please do so as it is for a great cause.


I'll be ther and out of interest on the live sandeel topic, I saw a guy catching them off the pier last year with the tiny sandeel feathers. I think they've got something like a 10 or 12 hook.
they could be a very good bet for larger bass and pollack.

Thanks Brandon,

I ended up with 9 doggies and the small Pollack.

See you soon

1 - 8 of 123 Posts
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