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Hi all,
Sorry I haven't posted about the event before now but I was called back from holiday to go back to work.

The fishathon was generally a big success. The weather was atrocious with winds up to force 5 gusting 6, southerly to south westerly. This made things a bit tricky. The first decent fish caught fell to my mate Dave. He caught a 5lb 6oz Bass on his first chuck. I uped the anti the following day by catching a cod, yes a cod. This weighed exactly the same as the Bass. I caught it on a small rag worm on a size 1 hook. Ian Houlton will verify this, or I have the photo.

The casters arrived as planned on the Monday. Jason Willicombe (British Champion) cast so far that we couldn't see the lead. Into a head wind, he estimated 220yds. When he put a bait on to start fishing he managed to hook a fixed spool reel through the bail arm. It didn't fight much, but the picture has already been sent to the England Team ready for the p**s to be taken out of him big time.

Ian Golds came down on the Tuesday. The weather and attendance was terrible. The fish were non existant because the England team member only managed to bag a solitary Mackerel. This wasn't through lack of trying either. The big positive was that he brought along his new range of rods for us to break. They are great andI have already ordered a 15ft one.

The Wednesday was a good day. The weather improved slightly (wind still high but the sun came out). Julian Shambrook and Malcolm Stote rolled up. Malc is an England international and a great angler. He even took the time to go through my rig wallet and give some advice. He has no secrets and even let me have a rummage through his kit. He has shown me how to make a rig that has the snoods up to 30ft away from the lead. This is the type of thing that they use abroad. This was what I used to catch some big Macky. Malc has even offered to come fishing with me to help me out.

The latter part of the week was all casters. 3 of the England team came along to give lessons and to fish. I actually managed to break the 200yd mark with a Zziplex Primo, so I was well chuffed. Tony Jones showed us how to put a sandeel out to 180 yds and make it show up on French radar !!

On Saturday, Neil Mackellow came along to give lessons. He uses a huge float above the lead so that you can see it when it lands. Tony and the Lads from London, Ben and ourselves, all took advantage of Neils expert tuition.

The whole event was rounded off by the match. This was won by Ben and Garry, so congrats to you both.

I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who showed up. I would also like to thank Ian and Lisa for helping us hump the kit to the beach.

The biggest plus about the whole event was the way in which people went out of their way to help. Malcolm Stote came up to us before the ISAC match and donated one of his 15ft rods. Another chap came up to us and gave us a brand new Daiwa rod to auction. The biggest thanks must go to Paul and Carol Phillips. They are the proprietors of Denning tackle (Chesil Beach Angling Centre). They helped us by storing the bait and making it available on a daily basis. They even offered us the use of their shower and washing machine. You will never meet a nicer or more helpfull couple. If you are fishing Chesil, look them up and pop in and say hello. Paul is a very accomplised match angler and is willing to share his knowledge and to give advice.

Thanks to everyone for their help and support and don't forget the auction on 30th July at Weymouth Angling Society HQ, Commercial Road, Weymouth at 7:30pm.

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i have to agree. what an effort. if it happens again, i will try to join u!!!!!!!!! :cool:
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