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Hi All,

I am organizing a charity fishathon in aid of the Anthony Nolan Trust. This is because a local casting instructor's daughter has acute myeloid lukaemia. The event will be held at Chesil Beach (Ferrybridge) from 3rd to 10th of July.

If anyone is interested in coming along to support the event, they are more than welcome. We have managed to get support from most of the major tackle manufacturers and some of anglings top names. Below are some details of the event.
Charity Fishathon

The event is being undertaken by myself (Barry Robson) and Dave Langdon. We are 2 keen anglers based in Poole, who fish the venue on a regular basis. We propose to fish for 24 hours for the full 7 days.
We have decided to do the event to help the Anthony Nolan Trust raise funds for tissue typing. This is a very expensive process and receives no government funding.

The venue will be the Ferry bridge section of Chesil Beach. This can be found approximately 500m along the causeway to Portland, on the right. The area will be sign posted in the far corner of the car park.

The confirmed dates for the event will be the first week in July, commencing Sunday (midday) 3rd July 2005 and finishing at midday 10th July. This is to encompass the spring tide on Wednesday 6th July.

I believe that there will be 2 main ways of raising the funds. Firstly, during the event itself and secondly, after the event. These can be broken down further.
During: - We are planning to collect direct donations from the public on an ongoing basis. Also we have arranged to provide casting lessons, (Neil McKellow 3 time’s world champion and team England casting team members have agreed to give these lessons). Ian Golds and other top class anglers are fishing with us. They will be organizing a rig clinic and will be happy to answer any questions. A small fee will be charged for the lessons; any rigs made can also be purchased.
After: - We will obviously collect any sponsorship monies owed after the event. I have also sought permission from the sponsors, to auction any donated tackle to generate extra funds. We plan to do this on a sealed bid basis and by direct auction. The auction will be held at Weymouth Angling Society HQ, Commercial Road, Weymouth on 30th July at 7:30pm. Everyone is welcome.

The event will be covered nationally by Total Sea Fishing magazine. Weymouth council are also bringing their media contacts on board. Local media will also be contacted i.e. Radio etc.

If you require any other information or have any questions, please contact me at:-
[email protected]


Company Type

Fox Tackle
Imax (Svendsen Sports)
Mustad / Leeda
Poole Sea Angling Centre
Denning Tackle
Weymouth Angling Centre
Neil MacKellow (3*world champ) Casting Instructor (3*World champ)
Gary Dickerson
Jason Willicombe
Dennis Retter
Tony Jones
John Hodgson
Julian Shambrook
Malcolm Stote
Ian Golds
Ben Assarati
Total Sea Fishing
Seven Stars Pub

Charity Fishathon – Daily Events

The fishathon is to raise money for the Anthony Nolan Trust. This table will tell you who is coming to the event and when. Please feel free to come along and support us and help raise valuable funds for the charity. Why not have a casting lesson with some of the best in the world for a small donation. Learn how to make rigs like the experts, or just come along and ask the experts for the answers to those nagging angling questions.

Day Time

Mon 4th
10am – 4pm
Jason Willicombe England team member, Jason, will be on hand to give casting demos, tips and advice on the art of casting both on and off the tournament field. He will be giving lessons for a charity donation. Jason consistently attains distances in excess of 285 yds.

Tue 5th
10am – 4pm
Ian Golds Tackle talk and Rig Clinic – Rigs will be made to your request. If you want to know how to make a certain rig, Ian will make it for you. All rigs can be purchased for a small donation. Learn from one of the best.

Wed 6th
10am – 4pm Julian Shambrook and
Malcolm Stote
Julian will be on hand to answer your questions and give advice.
Malcolm is a multi capped England shore team angler and well known on the Penn League circuit.

Thurs 7th
10am – 4pm Ben Assirati
Rob Marshall
Ben is a former England Junior shore team angler and is a well known expert on the fishing at Chesil Beach. Chesil is his favourite venue. Rob is a capped angler and is well known on the Penn match league circuit

Fri 8th
10am – 4pm Dennis Retter, Tony Jones
Garry Dickerson
Dennis is the current England Casting Team Manager and a very accomplished instructor and angler. He will be accompanied by Garry and Tony who are some of the country’s big guns. They will be giving advice, lessons and answer questions. May be you have thought about casting as a stand alone interest. These guys can help.

Sat 9th

10am – 4pm
Neil MacKellow “3 times world champion, UKSF champion 7 times and World record holder for 14 years.” Neil will answer your casting questions and give demonstrations. He will be giving lessons for a donation to the charity. Tackle will be supplied courtesy of Penn.

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Yes it is ok to make a donation in Poole. Andy Robbins is sponsoring the event and he also has one of the rods and reels that we are auctioning. Pop in and talk to him.

Thank you


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Does anyone know if Ben Assirati is a member on here? thanks, if you read this Ben give me a pm its a cousin here..
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