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Hi, everybody;

First-time post.
I just bought a car cover from Aldi (£9.99) that fits my 16' CJR. I'm sure it'll fit other small boats. It'll do in a minor emergency.

Probably won't withstand a hurricane, or even a strong wind, but it'll keep the weather off your boat until you source a better cover. I reckon if it's good enough for a Mercedes car then it's good enough for my wee boat.
I've kept my ugly tarpaulins just in case the cover ends-up down the street some blustery morning...

Anyway, the slight down-side; the cover has only 2 x 'luggage-strap' clips - one at each side - for securing the cover to the boat (car)... It works by connecting an individual 'male-at-each-end' strap into each of the female ends. You clip one side then feed the other side under the boat (I used a boat-hook to push the free end under the boat to save me crawling or crouching under the boat & trailer) then you clip the other end in. It's elasticated at the bottom, but this still won't make it 'hug' the boat properly, it needs better fixing.

I'm thinking once the wind gets up it'll just blow the front & rear right off the boat, apparently it does this with cars...
How to keep it from blowing off the front & back?
I'm in a rush, going out tonight, so this is a temporary solution, and, it's quite calm tonight in Paisley - no hurricanes.

For the bow and stern I've attached a couple of heavy-sprung plastic clamps with bungees attached, then hooked onto a bit of the trailer. It works fine - for the time-being.
Like I say, in a strong wind this will blow-away. I'll come-up with something later. And, some reviews for a similar product have been a tad scathing, saying it tears easily etc, but for a tenner, I'm happy with the quality of it. I'm thinking if it's not properly secured on bow and stern then it probably will tear easily.
Anybody got any ideas for securing the cover at various points, without damaging the cover too much? Punching holes in it will defo make it tear...

Anyway, thought the cover was worth a post.

It's the 'Large' size cover, btw


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Update; there's a natural dip in the middle of the cover, creating a pool when it rains. Not good.
I had to put a couple of carefully positioned stands onto the boat deck, under the cover, to take-up the slack so that there's a slope for the rain to run off.
I'll update when we get next rain.
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