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Anyone who leaves a Mariner 60hp 2 stroke on a mooring will probably have found that the red engine decals turn a sickly pink after a few years. I asked my dealer to fit new ones when it was in for service - fortunately he checked with me first when he foud it was going to be £100.

It's only the red that seems to be a problem - the Black and grey of the word 'Mariner' seems to be OK.

Anyway I sent some pics and dimensions of them to and he has made me some for £17 - but this includes a different decal for my microlight (and postage).
They aren't a perfect match for the originals, and I don't know whether they will last only 5 minutes but they look good.

Mike at decalsandstickers has presumably saved them on his computer so anyone interested might be able to get a set for about a tenner.
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