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cheap thrills at margate

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too long a week smelling diesel fumes at the garage so had a walk to margate jetty for fresh air at 10pm to see what was about
amongst the usual debris of the spirits bottles and beer cans from the evenings "anglers" spotted some papers left with about 2 score of fresh lug and some squid :yahoo:
never one to turn down a freebie , nipped home and back with a couple of rods and a handful of rigs and weights (rare to loose tackle here)
just coming to HW and fished a 2 hook flapper with 1/0s and a pulley pennel with a big lug and squid sausage
into dogfish on both
then another fisherman leaving gave me more lug and some peelers (now in my freezer) :clap:
as the water started to drop the wind got up and the dogs seemed to move off
then the whiting came on as well as crabs which were stripping the freebies off the hooks in moments
the sausages were getting bigger and bigger to use up the bait and one bite resulted in a nodder on retrieve with a codlet to break the monotony - odd how even the little ones give a pronounced nod
water runs away at this spot so home for 3 am
happy days
anyone had any larger fish at this spot?
there's often talk when I speak to fishermen, but is it just talk???
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Although i live near Margate I haven't fished it for many years, but like yourself I have heard tales of reasonable fish being caught from the arm. I couldn't say if it is true or not ??
I would have thought if any thing decent had been caught it would have been posted by someone.
Like all areas there is no reason why the odd good fish should not come up, and there is no reason why it should not be you !!
Same old thing really,the more hours you put in somewhere the more chance of getting something better because your knowledge of the part your fishing grows which improves your chances.
Lets face it unless you have time to check places out at low tide, all fishing is based on chuck and hope !!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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