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As well as being a part time c/f I am also a window cleaner. I make my own deionised water and have a small meter to test the purity of the water, this is done using a TDS meter [total dissolved solids].
This measures any solids in the water in parts per million. Digital TDS3 TEMP PPM TDS Meter Tester Filter Pen Stick Water Quality Purity UK | eBay

If you are putting a small outboard in a water butt to flush it, or flushing through a hose using this meter will tell you if there is any salt left in your engine or not. Before starting flushing, measure the TDS of your tap water with your meter. During the flush the TDS reading will rise considerably because of the salt, once the reading comes down to the same as before you started you know your engine has no salt left at all.
If using a water butt you will need to keep adding fresh water, but once the reading is the same as your tap water the jobs done. As you can see these meters are as cheap as chips, and worth it for your piece of mind.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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