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Chesil - 15th March report

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A trip to try my new gear and my first go at lure fishing ..

Set off from Reading at 3.45 arrived at the ferrybridge around 5.30 ..

It was just about light enough to tie on the lure clip and get all the gear sorted, to start out I thought I would try a black lure as it was still on the dark side on with a Dawia Salt minnow in purple with a black underside my reason for this is it will contrast against the sky the water was still a bit murky but I thought the darker lures will be worth a go until the sun came out ... after about 15 mins of walking and casting I thought maybe it would be worth a go with a sindwinder sandeel as it was getting light and maybe letting a lure sink would be better in the murky conditions ... after a good go with this I had reached the bridging camp the sun was trying to get past the clouds time for a water and snickers break (good breakfast) ... ....

As the sun ws now out I thought I would try a Sasuke 140 after a couple of casts you can see where the money goes on these they cast like a bullet compared to the Dawia lures and Sindwinder ... walked back towards the ferry bridge casting and walking when half way back I changed the lure for a Yo Zuri red head crystal minnow these do not cast as well as the Sasuke but seem to have a good action ...

Anyway needless to say I did not get any fish not that I was really expecting to catch I did learn a bit about the different lures and how they work and gave me a chance to try my new fishing gear ...

I am looking forwad to the warm summer mornings walking the beach as the sun comes up ...
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Nice report mate, don`t worry about not catching, it`s that funny time of year, you enjoyed it that`s all that matters..You are right about the yo zuri crystal minnows not being great casters, i used the suspending one last week, that was the same. I`ll use that one when i got me waders on out in the water..
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