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Hi everyone

It may sound a silly question to some, but how much longer will dogfish be around in any numbers at Chesil??
Not being massively experienced at beach fishing I have yet to catch one, and am thinking of arranging a trip to aim for them soon. At first the plan was to go after smoothhounds but I realise as time goes by there is less and less chance of catching one.

Would like to go after doggies (and of course other fish) soon, just waiting for the wind to die down on the beach. Last time I went it was horrendous and the forecast seems to say it's still fairly blowy, don't know if anyone can confirm this??


p.s. It's the ferrybridge end that I tend to visit

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The Chesil Dogs seem to be around most of the year, I have found that in the winter when fishing for cod/whiting (Lug/Mackerel/Squid)
you catch loads.
So dont worry about the season ending, I am sure they will still be around over the next few months.
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