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JAN 22nd, 5.30pm - 10.30pm.

A good start to the year with an entry of 44.
Fishing was patchy with some good bags and others struggling for a bite. There was no wind so the sea was calm and clear , a bit of cloud cover stopping the temperature from dropping too much so conditions were in our favour.
Species caught included , dogfish, conger, pout, whiting .


1st, £110, Dave Chidzoy, 22lb 12oz, 17 dogs, 2 pout.

2nd, £80, Ben Stockley, 12lb 5oz , 6 dogs, 2 pout, 1 whiting, 1 conger.

3rd, £60, Jeff Fisk, 10lb 1oz, 7 dogs, 3 pout

4th , £50, Harry Coxhead, 9lb 7 1/2oz, 6 dogs, 2 pout, 1 conger.


1st, £110, Ben Bradstock, 17lb 3oz, 12 dogs, 1 conger.

2nd, £80, Jason Brown, 14lb 9oz, 10 dogs, 1 pout, 1 whiting.

3rd, £60, James Lane, 11lb 4 oz, 7 dogs, 1 conger, 1 whiting.

4th, £50, Pete Wood, 10lb 9oz, 6 dogs, 2 whiting, 1 conger.

A ZONE, Conger , 3lb 2oz, Ben Stockley, £85
B ZONE, Dogfish, 2lb 3oz , Pete Wood, £85

MATCH WINNER POOL, £85, Dave Chidzoy.

Dave Chidzoy 4pts
Ben Bradstock 3pts
Jason Brown 2pts

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Thats a good turn out..... we were a few miles away and zero quality but a shed loada fish, I love a match result to make me feel better, we had exactly the same spcies and similar volumes and I walked off the beach feeling we had missed an opportunity. But 44 other anglers had the same sort of results always interesting, thanks for posting the results Colin.

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I agree good to see the cards. Just wish they would give enough space to non match anglers. Does my nut in when i walk miles to get away from people then some T!T places a number right next to me.
Well I try and post the matches that are happening so hopefully, as it not always easy, to get people the information before.

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I agree good to see the cards. Just wish they would give enough space to non match anglers. Does my nut in when i walk miles to get away from people then some T!T places a number right next to me.
Id ask you if you were catching before sticking the number .....😂😂😂

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Sat 12th February, 3pm - 8pm.
This match was to be fished at Chesil Centre but with all the weather sites predicting SW winds in excess of 20mph gusting 30mph we will be fishing the back up venue PRESTON BEACH.
For new members when we fish Preston it is a total length of fish match with a minimum size limit of 18cm , (rounded down ). Mackerel excluded and Rays to be measured nose to tail .
Prizes will be for the longest length of fish in each zone down to 4th place plus pools for the longest single fish in each zone and overall match winner.
All fish must be witnessed and returned before the next cast is retrieved, match cards must be underlined and signed off at the end of the match, please ensure you have a bucket to place your fish in water when getting them witnessed, no bag search necessary as fish will be signed in alive and there are no bait bans*
During daylight hrs there will be bass and flounders in the edge , then during dark ,whiting, pout, with a chance of small rays, dogfish, strap conger.
Booking on at the sea life centre entrance behind the Lodmoor pub, DT4 7SX, from 1pm - 2pm.
Please get on your peg asap because one match here we had a dog running around with a peg number in its mouth and a do gooder walking along taking them out of the beach thinking they were from a previous event
If you are on the list and can`t make it please let me know asap.
Some great prizes this yr and it`s not too late to join the league with the best 9 from 12 results to count missing the first match wont matter. If you want to fish text your name to reserve a peg, 07977132951.

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FYI, Result :-
R2, FEB 12th, PRESTON ,
(Moved from Chesil Centre).
3pm - 8pm
Well everything was against us for this match , too rough for Chesil then moving to Preston on a very small tide with high water during the daylight period it was very tough going. Unfortunately the 2 free Saturdays during February avoiding other opens had poor tides so we had to go with it.
Only 14 out of the 31 entry managed to find fish which included, flounders, bass, sole, whiting , small eyed ray.
Big thanks to the 31 that turned up to support the league on this wonderful evening especially those that travelled.

1st, Chris Read, 4 fish , 100cm , 2 whiting,
1 sole, 1 flounder. £80
2nd, Harry Coxhead, 2 fish, 59cm, bass, whiting, £60
3rd ,Matt Pitter , 1 fish, Bass 48cm, £40
4th, James Lane, 1 fish, 31cm, s/eye ray, £30
5th, Kev Daly , 1 fish, 28cm, whiting
6th, Pete Wood, 1 fish, 26cm , flounder
7th, Dave Lane, 1 fish, 25cm, flounder
8th, Terry Hartnell, 1 fish, 24cm , flounder
1st, Jeff Fisk, 4 fish, 94cm, flounders, £80
2nd, James Madsen, 3 fish, 72cm, flounders £60
3rd , Nick Snow, 2 fish , 59cm, bass, flounder £40
4th, Russell Preston, 1 fish, 36cm, Bass £30
5th, Duncan Young, 1 fish , 33cm, flounder
6th, Dave Bowring, 1 fish, 24cm , flounder
A ZONE, Bass 48cm , Matt Pitter £60
B ZONE, Bass 36cm, Russ Preston £60
Chris Read , 100cm , £60
Chris Read 3pts,
Jeff Fisk 2pts,
James Madsen 1pt
Next match R3 , March 26th at Bexington
fishing from 11am - 4pm
booking on from 9am - 10pm in car park .
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