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chest waders

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need a new pair of chest waders,that has to be comfortable to walk all day in..any recommendations would be most helpfull ..many thanks..paul
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I'd recommend the Grey stocking foot, not to pricy at around £80-£90 and really light and comfortable.
Had mine a few years now and had no problems, get a pair of walking gaitors from Go Outdoors if you are going to be walking in rough undergrowth or wading in rocky areas, they will protect the waders around the ankles. A pick up a pair of boots that are a size bigger than your foot and wader size.
I've had 4 different types, 2 boot , 2 stocking, 2 neoprene, 1 rubber and the lightweight Greys.

Waders can cost a fortune so try and match the amount you are willing to spend to how often, and what you want from them. Avoid the boot type if you are going to be trecking long distances.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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