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chieftain whitby

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Questions for Anyone who has fished the chieftain (whitby) Do the big tides affect the fishing when you are well off shore re drifting to fast? Also is it best to use braid or is mono ok?. What weight jiggers are best this far off? Any help appreciated .

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have a look at their website
it gives you most of the answers you require. i think

i think braid would be the preffered option but each to their own
as for pirks just take a selection

the link for the above is wrong
just google it instead
Definitely braid. Whilst I have no doubt loads of people still uses mono for pirking, thin braid means less drag, lighter pirks, more sport.

Don't forget shads and jellyworms are also successful for cod on those wrecks and generally can be fished on even lighter gear.

In my opinion, big tides don't make much difference to the size of lure required. You will obviously drift faster, but theoretically the boat, pirk and water are all moving the same speed, so you should have a vertical line for longer (theoretically).

Problem drifts occur when stronger winds blow in different direction to the tide. The wind pushes the boat one way and the tide takes the fishing gear another way. You soon have line streaming away from the boat - not effective for pirking.

Increasing the weight of the lure to unmanageable size is not really the answer.
Best to try shorter, more precise drifts, and lob the pirk ahead of the boat so you get it to the fishing zone before it has streamed away.

In this situation, thinner braid is a better option than heavy pirks.
If it's very bad, try jellies or shads as they can be fished more effectively even when the line is streaming away from the boat.

Enjoy Chieftain - it's an experience.

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