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Fished a wreck just of Prestatyn (15 miles) Saturday afternoon as we had to work all weekend
Fished the ebb drifting over the wreck but there was not a lot of flow due to the tide
First few passes we could not get to the bottom without picking up the makeys was good at first but soon became a pain after the first 100 fish
Changed rigs put larger weights on and managed to get down to the bottom approx 94 feet no sooner had you got down you had a fish on
Pouting from 1 pound up to 2 ½ good fun but not what we wanted then the gurnard showed up nice 4 pound again not the magical fish on this trip
After 12 a so passes the first and only Pollock just a small 2 pound
It was a good evenings fishing arrived back on sure just after 10pm
if any one is thinking of getting out to the Brussels watch out for the tanker boats they seem to run straight over the wreck these days were as before they would plot a course about ½ mile off

Few members fished a wreck 25 miles of shore on Sunday and bagged up fished its head of were the comments so nice conger lots of 6/7 pound Pollock and bigger and a nice 7 pound ling
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