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Clarence Beach

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I've just got in from a cracking night at Clarence.

Fished from just after HW down to almost LW. Virtually no weed, and the wind dropped right off as the tide went down. Only problem was a couple of snipped off hooklengths from the lovely spider crabs :bones:

All in all had a couple of Schoolies about 12oz or so, 3 Sole of 24cm, 26cm and 27cm, and a Bass last cast of 2lb. Had the Sole a couple of hours after HW, all 3 came in 2 casts. Had a Pout and a Whiting, well what remained of a Pout and a Whiting after they'd been chomped by something with teeth...

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I was using 3 hooks, quite long snoods, size 4 hooks and Rag. The size 4's help cos they've got quite little mouths, and its worth loading up on Rag. Make sure theres nothing hanging off the end of the hook cos they grab hold of it and pull it off rather than take the bait down, I had a couple of bites like that last night.

I was fishing between Mozzy Joes and the War Memorial. We had some old guy playin the keyboard and singing in Mozarella Joes, it was god awful lol then as soon as he packed up the Gosport Festival kicked off, could hear it loud and clear!
They all came after dark mate, must have been about 2 or 3 hours after high tide when the ebb really kicked in. About 50 or 60 yards out I reckon, not far at all.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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