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Clarence Beach

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I've just got in from a cracking night at Clarence.

Fished from just after HW down to almost LW. Virtually no weed, and the wind dropped right off as the tide went down. Only problem was a couple of snipped off hooklengths from the lovely spider crabs :bones:

All in all had a couple of Schoolies about 12oz or so, 3 Sole of 24cm, 26cm and 27cm, and a Bass last cast of 2lb. Had the Sole a couple of hours after HW, all 3 came in 2 casts. Had a Pout and a Whiting, well what remained of a Pout and a Whiting after they'd been chomped by something with teeth...

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nice fishing mate what rigs and bait did you use...
was you fishing to the right of clarence? im still after my first sole but no luck yet
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