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Clyde Shore fishing for flatties

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Hi All,

Looking for some advice on fishing for flat fish from sandy beaches along the ayrshire coast / Clyde.

Went up to cove last month to do a bit of ledgering for cod / coalies but nothing other than a bailiff from the LLAA hounding me about fishing for sea trout which i may add i was not. He was told where to go as cove is out of his jurice diction!... Its sad that river bailiffs are now hounding shore anglers before the fish enter their river system and there is a permit i believe to fish from dumbarton right up to kilcreggan for migratory fish.

anyway, got myself a Penn surf blaster loaded with braid and a 14 Ft Diawa Beach caster, looking to put it to the test and get some flatties, noticed troon / prestwick down to girvin area's have sandy beaches, any deep parts?

Largs is shingle, would this also be worth considering, also would it be worth heading towards oban as i find it a bit of a fish mecca.

I'm finding my way with sea fishing as i am predominantly a game / course angler.

Any Advice would be great

Cheers in advance.

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Me myself would use 2 or 3 hook flapper with rag worm and lug worm tipped with mackerel. I used that set up at amble last weekend and was getting double flounders and plaice. Good luck will look forward in reading your catch report !Tight Lines!
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