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Ok May be not Cod.. But an inshore codling.

Not very often i post long reports but seemed a little quiet on here lately..

Went afloat from Dymchurch yesterday, but must admit was not feeling confident. That easterly wind had sure stirred things up recently. Water colour was like chocolate.
We were after Bass, and knew lure fishing the wrecks was not an option.
Normal crew is Tim k and I, but a mate Tom's Evinrude was in for some warranty work, so he jumped on board to.
Headed off to an inshore mark near Folkestone armed with rag,crab,mackeral(frozen- as we thought no chance is this sea) and some lug.
We had not fished this mark for about 18 months but it always held a few bigger fish(when fished with live mackeral or Launce)
Tom was first to catch with a perfect size live bait pout.. With a quick- are you using that.... ?? I lip hooked it and down it went.
Tom continued to catch Pout after pout. All the smaller ones going in the live bait tank.
I had a few whiting next on my smaller bait rod. By now the tide had picked up a little and we were all feeling more enthusiastic.
Tim was in... a lively little fish... that that turned out to be a silver eel.
Next was a couple of Bull huss, beautifully marked to!
Tim again. convinced it was a small bass, but oh no a perfectly formed codling of just over a pound. By now we were at the stage.. do we move. as we wound up Tim i looked over and what looked to be weed. but on second glance it was a good size lobster. thats tea sorted for me hea said!
Anchor up and out to east road where we had found a few Bass a month or so ago.
Agian plagued by small fish for a while.... I was getting pretty miffed by now as it was one of the slowest days id had this year.. and was in desperate need of a bass for the Dymchurch master angler league points!
Last spot... nice shallow water, as we arrived so did youngs warrior.
Both threw the hook over, rods over and almost striaght away Tim landed a bass about 2lb.
Ian on Youngs warrior at the same time is dancing on the deck! He's got one to.. 3.6lb. and that was it.... Only a few whiting after that.
Heaviest Bass landed Was Mick Dabin Jnr at 5.4lb.

I was always told that cod fishing starts after the last night of the proms by a very wise old fisherman... but things a little slow this year.. So i reckon it will be a good few weeks before they show in numbers!

REMEMBER... the DYMCHURCH COD OPEN 24th October.. PM if you want to be part of one of the biggest events in the SE!

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nice report mate. Very sporting of the top 3 not to catch yesterday letting the other's catch up . Told mick on sat not to bother with the wrecks and just drop the hook down . rekon them cods will be on the move the next couple of weeks some good reports of cods showing around brghton and newhaven .

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that was in the days the Proms ended in October!!!!
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