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After the e - ne winds today i have decided to do something different; go to catch a cod !!

Arrived at Codeburgh Aerials around 6.30 am; after the killer walk; the sea was looking calm but with a nice swelling.

With my feet still swollen i rush to send out a short pulley as far as i can; with a volunteer peeler crab (thanks for your help).

The sea does look nice indeed; but i know i am a bit late as most of the ebb bit i like to fish is coming to an end !

I register a nice tip and tap on the rod tip; and after a few minutes this fella in pristine condition is landed.

I though i am in for a good day; another five minutes another nice bite with a good weight on the rod this must be bigger !! How wrong i was when i see a dogfish hooked by the tail !! :laugh::laugh:

After that everything goes dead ! i though when the flood start should be game on again !!

How wrong i was again; the flood come and gone and only i can account for was another smaller codling and 3 Ting !!

Beach all to myself not a soul in site for miles; either in the sea or land !! Fantastic day in a Fantastic location and mission accomplished - bet if i would have arrived early would have been more !!

till the next - bye !!



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