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Fished right in front/behind Rossal School Sunday over low and Hwr,

low water produced constant bites and a regular flow of Dab and Whiting even on 4/0 hooks for me, unfortunately nothing during this period for Frank, that said he was busy pumping for the nights session.

We fished it back for 30 minutes but nothing doing, so we walked up the beach to get sorted for the incoming tide.

After about 30 mins we were ready to walk out 100 yards and cast into the oncoming flat sea, 20 seconds later a good knock and in came a nice whiting of just over 3/4 of a lb, Re baited a cast out, whilst setting my other rod up I saw the slightest knock rattling away thinking it'd be another whiting I'll leave it a minute anyway it kept knocking so decided to bring it in, on retrieval I knew it was something a bit more than a Whiting, it lead to this larl Codling just a shade under 3lb.

That was it I was well made up, this was my biggest ever codling, I'd have been happy to go home there and then! I didn't tho! :)

Whiting kept coming at a fish a chuck, non of any size though.

I stood watch my rod tips and notice my line turn a full 45 degrees with no bite I thought this is what happened Friday with the other Cod, So I struck and got to the waters edge sharpish as I knew this was as good as the last one if not better, wading in to my knees I manage to get the leader and proudly beaming from ear to ear held my prize yet another PB a of a 4 and a half lb Codling.

Nothing else worth noting after that, whiting and on my last two cast lead to two big doggies so with the doggies showing it was time to pack up.
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