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Cold Knap 09/08/09

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Fished the afternoon tide low water up, very quiet with only a few knocks then the rod tip started nodding away and I dragged this in-

It was like dragging a breeze block in:help: Anyway that was my first ray:punk::punk::punk: I think it's a blonde and I guessed the weight at about 10lb's ish ( no scales:bangin: )but I am open to suggestions, bait used was sand eel and squid combo
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well done on your first ray. but maybe some scales would help because i don't think these fish are easy when making "guestimates".
Nice one guys , a small eyed it is then, not really bothered about the weight just chuffed to have caught it
that's the spirit.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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