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in this months sea angler is an artical based on the findings of the royal commission on environmental pollution stateing that in their findings the commerciallly viable fish stocks drop to between15 and 20 percent which is a catastrophe.the r.c.e.p.veiw is that 30%of our seas should be set aside to allow fish that are under preasure to breed.also they state that unless urgent action is taken to allow stoks to replenish some of the most intensively fished speices may disappear.THEreply to this by the representive of the scottish cod fishermen carol macdonald is CODSwallop .why dont theese rapists of the sea wake up,and ask the skippers from any random ports around the country about the state of OUR fish stocks and then they might get a real inkling into the damage they are doing.
if it means some of them having to leave the fishing industry then so be it,because things can not go on like this for much longer(how many of us can remmember going fishing in the winter and nearly always catching cod, i can) the seas and what is in them are not ours or theirs to rape and pillage with out a care,we should be looking after them for our children and theirs after them,i enjoy going fishing with my kids but i wonder if they will be with theirs.
so if any of you lot who claim to be farmers of the sea?read this inclusive of carol macdonald stop talking bullshit and wake up to what you are doing.
we have all got our own ideas on what should be done but how many are willing to state them .i have in a thread by blue skip and now after reading this article i belive that something must be done soon.
sorry if this thread goes on but i feel that stongly about the matter.
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