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I have three 20litre tanks for my outboard and on long passages have to stop to disconnect one and reconnect a full one.

Is there anyway to connect these fuel tanks? I understand one big tank might be best but I have these and if possible dont want to spend any more dosh!!

There is an under floor locker to hold all these tanks.

(Image attached)

Thanks for any help!



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You could use 2 'T' pieces to connect the three tanks but personally I wouldn't.

You have the ideal system at the moment, 1 tank to go out, 1 tank return, 1 tank reserve.

If you pick up water in a tank it is only affecting the 1. If a tank was to be punctured you will loose the fuel from all 3, it will syphon.

All three are going to run out as 1 tank, one tank will be uphill, when that one runs dry no matter what fuel is in the other 2 your system will be sucking air unless you introduce Isolators or you leave the tank connectors on the hoses and unclip the empty tank. Not too sure if that would work as the tank connectors are made with positive pressure valves, they may allow air to leak in, never used them that way round

The less joints in a fuel system the better, if it doesn't leak fuel it is another place for air to enter the system.

I have all my eggs in 1 basket in my boat, there is 1 underdeck tank of 125 litres. I would prefer separate tanks, as it is I carry 2 full 25 litre tanks plus fuel line in case the main tank gets holed.

If you decide to do it you may have trouble with the 'T' Pieces, I have not come across any suitable for petrol. If you are stuck I can make you some from 316 stainless to fit your hose.
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