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If you have a car with heated seats..............don't put your recently bought Lug on the passenger seat covered by your floaty jacket without checking that the heated seat element is switched off:(

True story ....

set off for Aldeburgh, Suffolk (60 miles).
200 lug in newspaper and a biscuit tin ...
possible two nights, so had Blackpool illuminations with me powered by two 12v car batteries.

Got to Aldeburgh; opened boot and found that I had placed the METAL biscuit tin across the terminals of a 12v battery.

200 beautifully cooked 'twigs'.

Turned around; drove 2 hrs home.

Look on the bright side it could have been you that was cooked:)
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I remember I had a call from Urly last summer...'Ive some lug left if you want to collect it on your way through in the morning''..Cheers mate,I said as I collected it,putting it on the dashboard as it was only 5 minutes to the marina....Problem was I forgot it was there and 14hrs later in the heat we had in July as I came back ashore I could smell it from the Pontoon...Not vey pleasent at all!

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