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I'm hoping to be there and there's a good chance I will be but this time there's no way I'll be able to confirm anything right up until the last minute, so best not include me in the list.

But I could still either

(a) sub for Devon if we're desperate
(b) fish as a guest and heckle from the sidelines
(c) lose any ability to catch, bring a stolen pasty from Brian Ford's and claim I invented it, ride into town in the back of a well-used ewe and be guest-Official White Flag Bearer for the Cornish.

:crazy::black_eye:crazy::wacko::crazy: :wub: :crazy::bye2:​

i`ll be in on that mate(maybe,weather permiting)....i can borrow a ewe from work,good looker too.:kissing:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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