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Headed out for a few hours yesterday afternoon as planned. My intention was to try wansbeck. Late set off, stop for bait and diesel then stuck in traffic so had a pi**er on before I even wet a line. Had a nosey up near the Alcan factory, looked like a decent spot, may be a bit snaggy and was not sure about parking once I had crossed over the railway line, would I get locked in or not ? decided to leave it and head to cambois as planned. Time was getting tight so stopped at first place I could park, this was no where near wansbeck but gave it a go, there was a fair old sea running but despite my best efforts I failed to catch, One good knock but landed nowt. A guy passed and said to get up to the river mouth as he had a few codling and flatties the day before but my time was up.
Fished 16.30 til 1800, bait used lug,rag and mussel ( all i could get ) catch -0-
To be fair it was my first go from the beach and was trying to improve my cast and managed to get past the 3rd breaker so it was not a total loss !
Many thanks to BaldyPete, BigPaul, Medlar and hibbdogg for your Suggestions.
Cheers Lads, I will try again soon.
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