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Just got home from a couple of days down at the parents caravan down at Normans Bay.

I squeezed in the car with my sister, brother inlaw and my little nephew and headed up the motorway to meet my mum and dad aka "another blank" on this forum.

We Fished a couple of hours sunday night from half 9 on until half 11ish, with my dad catching 3 Channel Whitting, a pout and a small eel, with myself just managing the 1 decent sized pout, which in a couple of hours time i will be enjoying with chips :bleh:

Our next session was monday evening, when we fished low tide for a couple of hours. We managed 4 bass and an eel between us, with my dad catching the only keeper at 1lb 60z -37cm (soon to be his tea).

With the very strong wind this morning, my dad decided to get up for half 6 and set off to fish low water again. After lying in bed for 15 minutes with my brain telling me to go to sleep but my heart telling me to go and join my dad, i decided to join dad.
He was just winding in his 1st cast when i joined him, but with no luck. However the Sea did look very "Bassy", so we were both in hope that the trip would be worth it, especially now the hevens had opened and soaked us wet through.

Well to get straight to the point my dad managed a very nice eel estimated at 1lb 8oz which was returned live and well, and i managed 3 bass, 2 of which went home with us at 1lb 5oz - 38cm, and 1lb 7oz, 37cm.

Due to me having work tomorrow, my dad has kindly taken me home back in surrey, before heading back up the the coast on until sunday, so i expect you will have an update from him then.

Hopefully i will get down there again soon! :thumbs:

Tight lines all.:fishing1:

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