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couple of hours at Shoreham Beach

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I had a bit of bait in and felt a little fishy so decided on a last minute little bash at Ferry Road last night.. I thought I'd leave the worm at home so grabbed a few fresh peelers, some dirty squid and a bluey and was ready to walk out the door when Bailey asked if he could come as there was no school in the morning.. took a little blagging to mum to convince her it wasn't to cold and he'd be ok and we had permission.. so a quick grab of some extra layers for him and we were out the door and around the corner on the beach just after 7pm... I set up 2 rods, 1 with a 1/0 loop and the other with size 2's on a 2 hook flapper.. in the water at 7.30pm and with Bailey all cosy out the wind in the igloo I proceeded to pull in pin whiting.. Bailey thought it was great, I thought it was poo.. here we are after what's been said as one of the warmest winters on record and just a few days away from April and purposely using bait that would try and attract any signs of spring and still the only the result was pins.. by 9pm Bai was shattered so wrapped him up and stuck it out until high tide before heading home and tucking him to bed.. was nice to get out for a couple of hours, didn't expect it to be much different and on a plus side there were no rockling but with those baits and taking into consideration the winter etc I mentioned earlier maybe a schoolie, doggy or little thornback would've been thrown into the mix...

so, not a lot to report much different to everyone else but maybe a useful heads up for anyone thinking of fishing the area over the weekend so thought I'd share it..

be good to see a few more species appear locally over the next few weeks until then it's thoughts of Ray's far west that occupy my mind


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Well done on getting out,my boys 3 and loves fishing I can't wait for him to join me on a trip,any pointers on how close and far to travel with the rays would be great,sorry for asking
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