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Having returned to Dorset for the evening before heading off at 5:30am the next morning..., I thought it was time to avenge the thick lipped mullet which last time I targeted made for a frustrating couple of sessions! Only had 45 mins or so to set up and drop a line off the side of the pontoon with a generous ground baiting of bread. I was focusing on a mullet in one area when I heard the always promising sound of something breaching the surface near the bread trail which had drifted slightly further downtide. A pair of mullet were working their way up the trail feeding on the surface pieces. With a bit of patience and a few incidences of bread falling off the hook at the vital moment, I finally connected and landed one of them after a decent scrap.

Grey Wood Food Sweet corn Tail

A short session, but always happy to net the target species and see it swim off strongly again back under the pontoons.

Second session was another really quick one similar in length but this time targeting bass on lures back in a more familiar area in Southampton Water. Always start at this mark with a top water as often there's bass chasing baitfish on the surface. After no interest for 20 minutes or so, I switched to a white senko to gradually work the middle and bottom layers which after a few casts was hit but no hook up. Ten minutes later, I was watching how the movement of water had changed over the surrounding area when a butterfly flying close to the surface caught my attention. I watched it for a few more seconds when.. WALLOP and a big splash. This was an obvious indicator to switch back to a surface lure and next cast as it drifted over the same spot the same thing happened and I was into a fish. There were a few buoys nearby which the bass tried to use to it's advantage; making a straight run towards them with the now strong tide also in it's favour. Luckily I managed to get the upper hand and steer it away just short of the closest buoy at the last second - Phew!

Fish Marine biology Salmon-like fish Ray-finned fish Fin

After releasing the fish I then spent the rest of the session unhooking the other treble from the landing net! Well it certainly felt like it, and after a slightly larger fish jumped clean out the water just missing my lure, it went dead and I called it a day as I needed to get back.

All in all, two enjoyable sessions and great to be out in the fresh air and wetting a line with both fish safely returned. Hope all is well with everyone, and tight lines!

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