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Crackington Haven/Widemouth Bay

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Dear South West Folk

Just booked a week with family down near Widemouth Bay

Would be great if anyone could tell me how it's fishing or where to fish - will only be able to grab the odd hour but a couple of rock marks for pollack and wrasse or beach for a bass (too early?) would be great.

Down from 11th April .........

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Sorry bud, ironic thing is Ive just moved near there myself.

I can remember walking around near Crackington Haven and not liking the fact the rocks slope towards the sea, esay for a wave to wash you off and difficult to cast as well.

Theres a tackle shop in Bude you could try for some info.

If all else fails pick somewhere safe and try spinning for bass early morning, late evening, changing of the light time.

Sorry, aint been much help..
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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