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credit where due for fantastic customer service

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a few weeks ago i ordered some braid to try (of a well known auction site although they do also sell on the web away from e ***)

the company was Stonefisher and one of the main reasons i used the seller was down to their company and personal ethics regarding the disabled being disabled myself and also having a disabled son. they also give a percentage of their profit to a disabled orginisation helping disabled people and their carers.

i had a few minor probs regarding the braid and i must say this was down to my own doing and not the company. i emailed them the other day to see if they could help or give me some guidance due to this as i was going through alot of braid.

today i recieved a reply from them that confirmed my faith in customer service and how it should be.

not only did they point out my error and give me the guidence i sought but also due to loosing a good bit of the braid they have offered to send me a new spool out FOC as they "do not like to see their customers go without".

credit where credit it is due, as there is so much bad service about, i just wanted to say that stonefisher rates amongst the best for customer service and they will continue to get my custom for a long time to come.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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