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Hi, my son and I have just returned from a few days holiday in Croyde in which we went fishing a few times, mainly off Ifracombe pier as we are new to sea fishing and fishing from the rocks at Baggy Point was too dangerous for us.

Ifracombe pier:
Fished on the bottom using ragworm tipped with squid we caught the following species:
Dab, Rockling, Benny Tompot, Wrasse, Pollock, whiting and Spider crabs. None of the fish weighed more than a few ounces, except for the Wrasse that went about half a pound, but we had lots of fun catching. My son can’t wait to go back.

Time of day we went fishing, was afternoon as the tide was coming in, usually for about 3 hours.
There were lots of people on the pier fishing which limits your fishing space but not many people was catching. We saw one man catch a Wrasse about 2 1/2 pounds and no-one was catching Mackerel

Fished from the right hand side of the beach using spinner at low tide, wadding into the waves and caught nothing but weed every cast (not big clumps, just shredded weed). But this was great fun.

Overall, we both had a fantastic time.

One more thing, I just like to say thank you very much to everyone from this forum who gave me advise on where and how to fish in this area. Once my son is a little older, we will definitely try fishing from the rocks.

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